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The Little Birdhouse in My Soul

Not to put too fine a point on it...

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If my journal were my home, this would be the hallway. But the sort of hallway where I keep you for a while to tell you about myself when all you really want is to go and join the dinner party because you've heard I'm serving some wonderful lime and coconut cheesecake. That can wait. It'll be a long time before that's served anyway and the main course is of no interest to you because it's disgusting.

I left the metaphor behind a while ago. The point is, welcome to my journal. I am Anna, I'm 21, I study Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, which is probably my favourite city in the world so far. I like writing, playing the guitar and saxophone, playing rugby, watching and performing comedy, cooking, and sleeping.

My favourite colour is red at the moment, I don't like tea, I am terrified of birds but I saw a nice red one in Pennsylvania which made me forget that for a few minutes, I got very excited when I walked past Michael Palin in a theatre when I was 15 and I once made some very nice lime and coconut cheesecake.

That's all. Be ready: there'll be a pop quiz later. It will be on American history.

My journal is friends only but I probably want to be your friend anyway, so it's of little consequence. How about you leave me a lovely comment and we'll go from there?

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