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February 2017

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WHOSE LINE Greg is my homeboy


Good to have you here, in this, a Friends Only establishment! Why not stick around? I'll make some punch, we'll have a great time. If you want in, just drop me a line (er, comment, I mean). I like people, so come on in - the water's lovely.


I'm Hannah, and I totally stalk _faeriequeen's friends, because I'm cool like that. I don't think she minds, at least I hope she doesn't.
Anyway, you seem mightily cool, an in true primary-school fashion, 'Let's be friends!'
Y'know, if you want.
p.s. I nearly passed out when I saw your F/O banner. Elliiiiiiing. Must. See. It. *implodes*
Why, I'd be delighted! I was being equally stalkerish over on your profile just a second ago, oddly enough *g*
ELLING. IS AMAZING! I'm still recovering from it.
Anyway, your name rhymes with my name so that grants you automatic entry. Welcome! Pull up a chair.
You seem made of win. Add?
Oh, in a flash :D You seem to be a bit of a sublime person with an icon that is happy-ing me right up.
Sam/Annie ♥

Vince and Howard! Rawr. Added (and I've never been called sublime before, why thankyou!) ;)
I got here because of ailcia, and wondered if I could join? I'm mainly into Pros, but follow lots of things...
Of course! The more the merrier (and any friend of the Pros is a friend of mine), so pull ap a chair :)
thanks for adding me back, darling - greg proops AND the pythons on one page? heaven.

Nice to have you here! I like your taste, in the above and Dylan Moran. Win.
Ditto, I would gladly jump hills to have Mr Moran's drunken Irish babies.
You win at life - annnnnd, I just read your Intersting Hair List (which I'll comment more in-depth stylee on) and let me tell you; it's like one mind baby, one mind :D
Haha brilliant! Anyone who appreciates that list is right up my street.
Hello! I found you through a comment you made in a Black Books post when I went to investigate your Dylan Moran icon (what can I say, I'm a sucker for Dylan icons). But then I see you also like Holy Grail and They Might Be Giants (or at least "Birdhouse in Your Soul"), and the little friendship alarms sounded in my brain.

What do you say, let's do lunch?
Ooh most definitely! You can never know enough Dylan lovers. :D

Go forth, pour yourself a glass of wine, get stuck into a good book and shout at people; I'll be right with you.

You like funny things and funny people, may I add you for your fine taste? :D

ahahaha, lamest friend req evaaaar
SMILEY PALIN ICON. You are so in, my friend.
And that comment was totally un-lame: tell it like it is, I say!

p.s. I have family in Galway *dances* Yeah, it's a big place, I know, but SHHHH let me have this!
Ah, Palin always wins it for me XD And it was totally lame, but lame is the new cool, so all is well.

Ooooo rly?? Woo Galway! :D 'Tis a great aul' place.
OH HAI. I was browsing livejournal when I noticed your hair, it's lovely. Can we be friends? I have rape. :)
LULZ. Sounds delightful! (Though I should warn you that it's Greg Proops at the top of this page, not me, so if you're adding anyone for lovely hair then it should be him. He's better than you. I should imagine.)
add me back? xx
Sure thing!
I am so intrigued by your neat list of tags.
Please add me back!
Best. Reason. For adding someone. Ever! :D

Although I feel like I'm cheating you a little because, as you will learn now I've added you back, my "neat list of tags" is in fact a rather long, sprawly list full of things like "weather!" and "cake." I use the cake tag with surprising frequency.

Still, hi! I do like your icon.
anna! it's beth! used to be receivenothing, but i've got a new journal, for strange and random reasons. fancy adding me again?
(also, any sign of that letter up your way? I've got this persistently sneaky feeling that I wrote your address wrong in some drunken stupor...)
(Read: of course I will, need you even ask? :P)

Haha I hate to say it, but there has been no letter! Have faith in yourself; maybe the postman stole it. That's what The Presidents of the USA sing about, anyway, so it must happen.
Not quite sure what the friending etiquitte is on LJ since I don't really hang around her much.
I've seen some of your Doctor Who icons in people's profiles and I think they're quite good. I'd love to see more, so that's why I've added you as a friend. I hope you'll do the same.
Thanks for at least reading this through.
I would love to add you back :D
One thing: I don't make icons all that often, particularly nowadays. I will probably get excited about Dr Who now and then, though, so that'll do :P

I think all the DW icons I've made are here. Wow, 2007, that was a long time ago...

Anyway, up to you if you still want to add me now you know the TRUTH. :P
Hello! I am a fellow Beatle person and we seem to have lots of interests in common. Maybe we can be friends? :)
Sounds excellent! Anyone with the Beatles and David Mitchell on their journal must be fantastic.

My journal's been a bit boring of late; I can't stop talking about my LIFE, or some rubbish. I'll try to be of more interest in the future :P
:D Hurrah! For new friends. <3 Have added you, hon.

I'm sure it's not boring at all! I always ramble about my life as well as fandom too. :D


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Glad so many people think my three or so public posts are such a great "resource"! Thanks, I will keep up the work. Cheers, guys, you're the best!